Build Your Own Media Server

Whats it take to make this unit?

IT'S XBMC for Windows. Op the secret is out. 
Well its simple really and you can do it yourself. Here's the recipe:

  1. Nice Case to house components (He gets his from
  2. Mother Board with HDMI Out (1080P)
  3. SSD Drive to make sure system Boots Fast
  4. SATA Drive for Media Storage (Just pick 1t 2t 3t 4t)
  5. Blu-RAy Drive
  6. Windows 7 (Yuck)
  7. XMBC Media Center (Aeon Nux Theme)
  8. Add a few splash screens and try your best to remove anything that say XMBC
There ya go Folks. Your Done! I will be posting actual hardware soon. 

A few Links to Reference (This guy is using the same case) (Look Familiar?)

Just Don't Buy from


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