Monday, April 7, 2014

Hello Folks! I haven't posted in a while simply because I am out making an honest living. I would like to follow up on some posts I see @

I would like to say that I made this blog to save other folks from getting burned like I did. So, let me clarify a few things.

  • Yes the owners are involved in 2 separate lawsuits
  • Yes this sytem is just XBMC. (Hard to believe, I know)
  • Yes the owners Alex stole the idea from Assassin and Rip-Wave owner.

So... Why would you buy the system from these guys. If anything just google custom XBMC systems and build one yourself. Personally I would run it on Linux not WIndows. WIndows blows!!! I have a custom XBMC running on windows and its pretty slick. Heck I'll build one for you. But guess what, even it will require some hands on. will never provide a Media server that has the auto rip feature. Its illegal and no one but Kaleidescape currently offers that. So folks if you want a good media server that streams your content. Take  a look at the systems below. Good Day!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Real Media Server Company

To All that view,

I have been researching quite a bit on what has been doing. It seems they are going after custom installers via, and other places. I also happen to know that there is another company that is far superior to and actually sells Media Servers that work right. If you would like a top notch Media Server at a great price go to

These guys have built a true media server that will blow you out of the water as far as performance and price.



Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rip Wave Media is a STOLEN COMPANY


I created this blog to discuss a company called is owned and operated by a complete and total theif. He (Alex) stole the company from a custom audio video dealer out of VA. He made connections thru the VA company and then decided he would do things on his own and steal the name RipWave.

Alex, Created in an effort to steal the name from his business partner in VA. The original website is sells the Media Servers and also great matrix swichers, cables, mounts and other products made just for the custom installer. has already got serveral bad reviews from lots of people. DO NOT BUY! The guy knows nothing about custom installation and every server that ships is simply something you could build yourself. There has been no "ease of use" added as promised on the websites front page.

You will receive the "Media Server" and here is what I will promise you.

  • The case is generic (Just buy that on New Egg)
  • The BlurRay ripper will not rip all BluRays
  • The BluRay Drive will be off track and not eject because of poor packaging
  • You will have to install a third party software to make auto rip work and good luck doing that. (not easy)
  • No User Manual. (Alex thought this was a bad idea. "Yeah and he's custom!")
  • Bad Customer Service (The guy will tell you everything is easy and blame problems on you)

Other things to consider

Alex is involved in another lawsuit with a company that he also stole from as well. This guy operates a fly by night operation and he will destroy everyone in his path including himself.